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Boracay Island Packages

Apart from resort and hotel accommodations, we also have various Boracay adventure activities and tours that we can include in your itinerary:

Boracay Parasailing

This is a popular sport in which the rider is hitched to a parachute-like canopy known as a parasail and is then set aloft in the air. Prime parasailing season is during the northeast monsoon in Boracay where the sea off White Beach is calm at that time. This includes a15-minute trip on the parasail.

ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Expeditions
Boracay Riding ATV

ATVs are four-wheel motor bikes that visitors can rent by the hour to explore the more rugged areas of Boracay Island. Experience the view of Mount Luho, the highest point in Boracay; or travel to Iligligan Beach and the sanctuary of flying mammals, the bat cave. Both are 1-hour trips.

Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding Lessons and Packages
Boracay Kitesurfing

Boracay is fast becoming a haven for several extreme water sports, and kitesurfing (also known by its other name, kiteboarding) counts itself as one of them. This sport involves riding on a small surfboard and getting yourself propelled across a shallow body of water by a controllable power kite. We offer lessons and training in the best possible conditions. Lessons range from a safe beginners’ area with shallow water to a great reef break for advanced riders. Instruction could be in the Filipino, English, German, Japanese, or Korean language.

Windsurfing Lessons and Packages
Boracay Windsurfing

Boracay is one of the best windsurfing locations in Southeast Asia. The winds blow fairly consistently all year, getting stronger during the rainy season. We offer lessons and rentals for the beginner and advanced windsurfer.

Island-Hopping tours
Boracay Puka Shell Beach

Visit secluded beaches such as Puka Shell Beach, snorkel at Crocodile Island, go explore a bat cave, and have a picnic of fresh fish on the grill. A colorful outrigger boat (banca) takes you to the different islands.

Scuba Diving Lessons and Packages
Boracay Scuba Diving

Dive into the crystal clear waters of Boracay and experience unrivalled underwater visibility of up to 40 meters. Discover shipwrecks, cliffs covered with sponges, colorful corals, gorgonians, turtles, sharks, rays, and even the very rarely seen exotic fish like the Spanish dancer, harlequin ghost-pipefish, camouflaged frogfish, and fire gobies. We offer Discover Scuba diving lessons for those who are interested to dive without paying for a full course.

Reef Walking / Deep Sea Walking
Boracay Reef Walking | Deep sea walking

This activity allows you to walk on the ocean floor (some 20 feet underwater) with heavy metal headgear. Experience the truly unusual activity of giving food and standing face-to-face with the fishes.

Banana Boat Ride
 Boracay Banana Boat

A minimum of 5 persons can get to enjoy this popular summer activity of riding on an unpowered recreational boat shaped like a banana and is designed to be pulled by a larger boat.

Jet Ski Rentals
Boracay Jet ski Rental

Jet Ski is actually the brand name of a personal water craft manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. However, the name has become a trademark for any type of personal watercraft. It is one of Boracay’s extreme recreational activities for those who want an adventurous vacation. Rentals are made by the hour.

Flying Fish
The Flying Fish, Boracay

A hovercraft or air-cushion vehicle (ACV), known in Boracay as the Flying Fish, is an amphibious vehicle or craft designed to travel over any sufficiently smooth surface. Try to jump all across the sea through the flying fish as your body coasts on top of the bumpy water while the flying fish is towed at high speeds. A minimum of 3 persons is required on this vehicle.

Jawili Falls and Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs Day Tour
Boracay Jawili Falls

A whole-day activity that includes travel to Aklan and touring all around these destination spots. Minimum of 4 persons.

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