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Travel Tips

1. Don’t be in a hurry to book

Booking your airfare and travel package is a tricky thing to do- at times. When travelling during peak season, holidays and special events such as festivals and the like, its always best to book as early as possible. Besides being able to secure the much needed bookings ahead of the rush, you get to protect yourself from price increases that usually happens during these times.

However, before finalizing anything, its always best to have made the proper research. And in this case, you should never be in a hurry to book anything concerning your vacation. Its always best to be sure of what you are looking for and if you are getting that from your booking.

When booking through a travel agent, they can always say when it would be best to book your preferred package with the availability and pricing in mind. But even when booking with a travel agency, don’t be a hurry and make sure you understand completely what they are offering you.

As for your airfare, airlines usually have different booking/ seat classes which has different pricing as well. Not only that, they do offer promotional rates from time to time. In this scenario, its best to scout for prices around 6 to 8 weeks from your travel date. From here, compare prices for around a week before finalizing any booking.

But if you are lucky and you can book a promo fare, go ahead and do so as this is usually the best time to do so.

2. But avoid booking too late

A lot of people have a mentality that there will always be a sale or promo price for last- minute travel. This does happen but not always, and not that often- especially for peak travel dates. With the growth of technology in the travel industry, tourism players have a better grip in managing their inventory and they usually offer the best rates for early booking. An exception would be with the airlines with some offering promo fares a month before the travel dates.

Travers must also take into consideration of the availability of the package when it comes to last- minute booking— especially if you’re travelling during the peak season in a popular tourist destination. Waiting for a lower price will probably result in the opposite- higher prices due to lower supply.

3. Compare and read the fine print

When booking through a travel agency or direct, this is the most important rule. In travelling, remember that most of the time, you get what you paid for. Prices are low for a reason. The key is to know and understand what the reason is.

Comparing prices and package details among different suppliers is the best way to be sure that you get the best possible package and price for your trip. Once you’ve done your research and understood everything, you can make the best decision for your trip based on what’s available and what you are looking for.

4. Is it all in?

Whenever travelling, you should always take into account all the necessary fees and expenses. One prime example of this are the airlines.

With the proliferation of airline promo fares, you have to make sure that all taxes and surcharge fees are included. Otherwise, you would be paying much more than you initially expected. Along with cruises, airlines has a lot of ancillary fees that guests are not familiar with and would later end up paying for them as well. For tourist stopovers, make sure to be familiar with the entrance fees and other charges that you might have to pay for.

5. Confirm and follow up!

Having paid and making the booking is not yet the final step. Majority, if not all, travel companies requests for your personal email addresses and contact numbers so that they can alert you for any changes in the flight schedule or itinerary.

Additionally, be sure to update your spam filters to ensure these messages don’t end up in the trash folder. Once the email has been sent, the travel provider has met its obligation to you as a customer.

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