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Home > Boracay Island> 3D/2N experience Boracay Ultimate Adventure Tour Package B

3D/2N experience Boracay Ultimate Adventure Tour Package B

for as low as P11,455

Boracay Ultimate Adventure Tour Package with scuba diving, ATV rental, jet ski rental, island hopping, 3 days/ 2 nights standard room accommodation, etc.

Boracay Hotels/ Resorts and Package Rates

Last Update:Β August 16, 2015 (valid until next update)

Boracay Hotels
(sorted by location. See map here)
Less/night on Low SeasonAddt’l/night on Peak Season
-Rates are quoted PER PERSON based on the number/ group of persons indicated.
-Ex: P17,550 PER PERSON based on a group of 2.
-Accommodations are based on availability. Early bookings are strongly recommended.
click here to see schedule
Station 1
Nigi Nigi Resort (Standard Garden View)17,55015,83416,67315,41314,85815,40614,72814,78415,1422,400600
Residencia Boracay (Superior Room)15,91214,11815,03513,77113,18613,77813,10413,14113,5301,5000
Sur Beach Resort (Standard Room)15,36414,08114,48713,53613,15013,45712,94613,10513,2981,2101,210
White House Boracay (Superior Room)16,64215,01015,76514,57714,05514,55713,91913,99614,3221,830586
Astoria Boracay (Deluxe Room)18,72016,38017,84316,18815,39016,28615,40015,30715,9045006,900
Seawind Boracay (Deluxe Room)20,38718,41619,51018,02817,37418,06417,26117,25517,7121,395765
Estacio Uno Resort21,17718,25220,30018,24017,21418,43517,33217,09917,9203,240840
Shore Time Hotel (Loft Room)15,32713,88414,45013,40612,95813,35412,79612,91713,171800800
Ambassador in Paradise Boracay (Premier Ocean View)22,58119,73121,70419,65218,65519,83518,73018,51419,3072,9753,655
Real Maris Beach Resort15,12014,32014,22013,68813,49113,51913,16613,45613,45602,400
Willy’s Beach Resort15,73714,31314,85913,81713,37613,76113,20213,32813,5741,3501,345
Sitio Waling Waling (The Sitio Boracay) (Deluxe Room)15,59414,55614,69414,01413,72313,88513,45213,68413,7762951,265
Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway15,26414,35214,36413,76413,52313,61413,22413,48713,530390330
Microtel Hotel15,12013,72014,22013,33412,90113,26712,73112,87613,1081,0001,500
Two Seasons Boracay (Superior Room)19,42217,35518,54517,03216,34017,08416,26816,24016,7332,620668
Boracay Beach Club (Deluxe King)16,33714,62215,45914,23113,67714,22513,56713,62313,9821,3261,326
One Crescent Place Boracay (Deluxe Room)15,77214,64814,89414,02713,70313,92113,45113,64913,78001,000
Jony’s Beach Resort (Superior Room)15,79514,85914,91814,15913,90814,02213,60813,85113,9101,2001,900
Crown Regency Prince Resort14,15713,18213,28012,54012,27412,41012,01212,24512,32001,800
M.R. Holidays Beach Resort (Standard Room)13,68912,71412,81212,08411,81811,95411,56411,79711,8721,0001,400
One Azul Boracay Resort (Deluxe Room)15,32713,96214,45013,45213,03413,38712,85212,99213,2161,0001,000
Boracay Beach Resort (Standard Bungalow)15,44414,27414,56713,68013,33813,58213,10413,29113,4401,170540
Station 2
Villa de Oro Resort13,56012,48012,66011,98911,68211,86711,45511,67711,786910125
La Carmela de Boracay15,12013,52014,22013,21612,70513,18212,58612,68312,9921,000400
Hey Jude Resort Hotel15,18013,64014,28013,31012,82313,26712,68812,79913,0851,300680
Boracay Regency Resort20,15717,57219,27917,44516,55117,58316,60016,44817,139848120
Regency Lagoon Resort19,62317,09918,74616,96016,09117,08916,13215,99516,6630767
Red Coconut Beach Hotel17,65515,70916,77815,38114,73615,41314,66414,66515,1111,678719
Boracay Sun Village and Sun Villa15,34314,25214,44313,73513,42413,61613,17013,39013,503983737
The District Hotel23,20820,52822,30820,53219,59620,68019,62119,45720,184880880
Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center16,92015,12016,02014,86814,27814,86814,18114,22914,61601,000
Boracay Holiday Resort14,66413,53613,76413,04612,72012,93312,48712,69812,825720960
Boracay Haven Resort15,04813,79214,14813,34812,97213,25612,76612,94613,122880960
Boracay Uptown17,67016,02016,77015,69415,16315,66915,01515,09915,4282252,025
Station 3
Boracay Sands Hotel (Deluxe room)16,32014,72015,42014,39613,88514,36213,74613,84314,152-766766
Surfside Boracay Resort and Spa13,68013,20012,78012,46112,39012,23812,00612,37312,2503001,000
Crown Regency Beach Resort (Deluxe Room)15,12013,92014,22013,45213,09813,35112,87613,06913,22401,000
Queen’s Boracay Resort13,80012,65612,90012,18711,85512,07611,64111,84711,9808800
Rose Pike Resort (Standard)13,74013,00012,84012,36612,19312,18811,87612,18012,157600325
Non-Boat Station/ Others
7 Stones Boracay Suites (Superior Rooms)18,01216,41517,13515,93315,42415,90615,25615,34015,6531,060945
Orinda Beach Resort15,12013,52014,22013,21612,70513,18212,58612,68312,9921,0001,000
Fairways and Bluewater (Superior Rooms)15,12014,24014,22013,64113,41313,48613,10813,37913,4104302,405

Package Inclusions:

  • 3D/2N Standard Aircon Room Accommodation
  • daily breakfast
  • ATV rental (1 hour)
  • Jet ski rental (30 minutes)
  • Island Hopping (3 hours)
  • Discover Scuba Diving for beginners
  • roundtrip airport transfers (Caticlan Airport – hotel – Caticlan Airport)


  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • Seaport, Environmental and Terminal Fees at P275 per person – subject to change
  • Other meals that are not stated above
  • Island Hopping Entrance Fees and snorkeling gears


  • Additional P300 if originating from Kalibo Airport (2.5 hours away from Boracay)
  • Prices may change without prior notice
  • Rates indicated above are valid at the time of booking regardless of travel dates
  • Package is available all year round
  • Room Sharing: 2(twin) / 3(triple) / 4(twin,twin) / 5(twin,triple) / 6(triple,triple) / 7(twin,twin,triple) / 8(twin,triple,triple) / 9(triple,triple,triple) / 10(twin,twin,triple,triple)
  • Check-in time is 2:00pm and check-out time is 12:00nn.


  • Regular Season: October 16 to June 30/ 31
  • Low Season: July 1 to October 15
  • Peak Season: Holy Week/ Christmas and New Year Season/ Chinese New Year

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