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La Union Packages

    The surf is great for both novice and experienced riders alike, a good range of sites ensures this.

    Darigayos, La Union Surfing

    This site is located out of the bay and would have to be the most consistent break around. You can always be guaranteed a right hander when all else is failing.

    Poro Point
    Poro Point, La Union Surfing

    You can often see the waves breaking off the point onto the rocks, not the easiest to get to, in fact I’m not sure if you are allowed to travel in that area, maybe someone in the know can drop me a line.

    The Point
    The Point – Monaliza Resort, La Union Surfing

    Nice easy waves off the Monaliza Resort, by far the most popular surfing spot in La Union. Produces both lefts and rights, so it keeps both naturals and goofy’s happy.

    Urbiztondo Beach Break
    Urbiztondo, La Union Surfing

    The wave works both right and left with the left being the longer ride over a sand bottom.

    Other Surfing Spots:
    Bauang, La Union Surfing

    There are numerous other spots littered up and down the coast from San Fernando. Waves can be caught on the coast from Tabok, Bacnotan, Cabaroan and also south of San Fernando off the airport and depending on time of year right down to Bauang.

    List of Tourist Attractions
    There are lots of places to go for a tour in La Union if you’re not into surfing or just want to stroll around. We listed the destinations below which you can include to your itinerary:

    • Poro Point Special Economic and Freeport Zone
    • Thunderbird Resort Hotel and Fiesta Casino & Golf Course
    • Guinabang Falls – Bacnotan
    • Pebble Beach with Baluarte – Luna
    • St. Catherine Parish – Luna (Our Lady of Namacpacan)
    • Ukkalong Falls – Luna
    • Coconut Garden – Balaoan
    • Centennial Tree – Bacnotan
    • Guinabang Falls – Bacnotan
    • Board Walk – Poro Point San Fernando City
    • Fiesta Casino – San Fernando City
    • Botanical & Zoological Garden – San Fernando City
    • Provincial Capitol – San Fernando City
    • Amburayan River – Sudipen
    • Hidden Valley – San Gabriel
    • Lon – oy Spring – San Gabriel
    • Bakes Swimming Pool – Santol
    • Bagulin Forest – Bagulin
    • La Unions Highest Peak – Bagulin
    • Tuddingan Falls – Bagulin
    • Bolikewkew Rice Terraces – Burgos
    • Imelda Lake – Burgos
    • Tapuakan River – Pugo
    • Eco Park – Santol
    • Basilica Minore – Agoo

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