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Batanes Island Packages

  • for as low as P3,991 Inclusions
    • 3 days/ 2 nights Standard aircon accommodation
    • daily breakfast (starting on Day 2)
    • 2 days island tour with lunch (choice of half day Batan Island tour and Sabtang Island tour/ 1 lunch)
    • faluwa/ boat rides ( for Sabtang Island)
    • registration fees and permits
    • tour guide
    • roundtrip Batanes airport transfers
  • for as low as P5,153 Inclusions
    • 4 days/ 3 nights Standard aircon room accommodation
    • daily breakfast (starting on Day 2)
    • 3 days island tour with lunch (2 lunches)
    • faluwa boat rides (for Sabtang Island)
    • registration fees and permits
    • tour guide
    • roundtrip Batanes airport transfers
  • for as low as P5,726 Inclusions
    • 5 days/ 4 nights Standard aircon room accommodation
    • daily breakfast ( starting on Day 2)
    • 3 days island tour with lunch (2 lunches)
    • all permits and fees
    • tour guide
    • roundtrip Batanes airport transfers

Here are the Batanes Natural Sights usually included on tour packages.

Sabtang Island

Sabtang Island, Batanes

Chosen as one of the 12 Best Destinations in the Philippines by the Department of Tourism in 1994, this island southwest of Batan Island remains undisturbed and unspoiled. It has intermittent white sand beaches, steep mountains, and deep canyons with small level areas sporadically found along the coastline. Accessible in 30 minutes by falowa (oval-shaped motorized passenger boat without the outrigger) from Radiwan Port in Ivana. This island is also the take-off point for Ivuhos Island from Barangay Nakanmuan.

Itbayat Island
Itbayat Island, Batanes

Located north of Batan Island, it is surrounded by massive boulders and cliffs rising 20-70 feet above sea level and has no shoreline. It has a dirt airstrip for light aircraft. Ferries also run the Batan-Itbayat route, with a travel time of about four hours by falowa from the Basco Seaport. Light planes fly from Basco Airport to Itbayat in 12-minute trips at PhP700.00/pax.

Batan Island
Batan Island, Batanes

Batan Island is where the center of commerce and seat of the provincial government lie. This is the most populated of all the islands in the province. It is composed of the municipalities of Basco, Ivana, Uyugan, and Mahatao.

Mount Iraya
Mount Iraya, Batanes

A dormant volcano standing at 1,517 meters whose last eruption was recorded in 505 AD. This peak is ideal for mountaineering, trekking, and trailblazing. It is located walking distance from Basco and can be climbed to the top in about three hours.

Mavudis Island
Mavudis Island, Batanes

Mavudis is the northernmost island of Batanes. Coconut crabs (called “Tatus” by the locals) are bountiful on this island, which is surrounded by rich marine life.

Di-atay Beach
This beach is located along the national highway between Mahatao and Ivana, a mere 9.85 kilometers from Basco. It has a beautiful cove with multi-colored rocks and white sand, which is ideal for picnics and beach combing.

(Chadpidan Bay).

Songsong ruins, Batanes

Famous for its beautiful sunset view and big stone boulders. It is a 3-kilometer, one-hour trek from Basco proper.

Chawa Cave
Chawa is believed to be an enchanted cave. It has a natural salt bed and a mouth that opens to the South China Sea, which is also accessible through the boulders of Chawa Point in Mahatao. This cave lies about 4 kilometers from Basco.

Nakabuang Cave
Nakabuang Cave, Batanes

Another cave worth looking into. It is located 5.5 kilometers from San Vicente Centro in Sabtang.

Mt. Matarem
Mount Matarem, Batanes

An extinct volcano measuring 495 meters at its summit. Located eight kilometers from Basco.

White Beach
White Beach, Batanes

As testament to the province’s natural beauty, this beautiful white beach can be found in Vatang Hapnit and Mavatuy Point at Mahatao.

Bird Watching at Cuyab
Observe the migratory birds from China that flock the islands in search of a warmer climate every October.

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