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Banaue/ Batad Rice Terraces, Cordillera Region Packages

Below are the most visited tourist spots in Banaue.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces is a UNESCO World Heritage Site included in the list since 1995. Acknowledge as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by the locals, Banaue Rice Terraces is a 2000 year old marvel painstakingly built by the Banaue people called Ifugao. And because of the outstanding engineering techniques used, Banaue Rice Terraces received an “International Historic Engineering Landmark Award” from the American Society of Civil Engineers. It was also acknowledged by the World Travel and Tour Council as a green globe destination in the Philippines.

The Ifugao primarily built the Rice Terraces to maximize the use of land space. Built by means of primitive tools and early methods, this stone walled wonder exceeds the world’s tallest building if the vertical distance between top and bottom row are measured. It is half way round the world if it were laid end to end. Truly, Banaue Rice Terraces is a majestic proof of Filipino’s exceptional skills and talent.

Chapah Waterfalls

Chapah Waterfalls is less than an hour trek from Banaue Poblacion located at Barangay Bocos. Anyone who visits there has the chance to view and photograph the panoramic view of the whole town.

Guihob Natural Pool

Guihob Natural Pool is a four kilometer drive or walk from the town center. It is a spring coming from a small waterfall ideal for picnics and some refreshing swim.

Ducligan Hot Spring

Ducligan Hot Spring is an hour and a half drive and a 20 minute walk from Banaue’s Poblacion. It is perfect for warm baths during cool days. It also has a swimming pool, tubs and other amenities.

Banaue Viewpoint Terraces

Banaue Viewpoint Terraces is where you should go if you want to capture the best perspective of the rice terraces. You can also found some shops selling souvenir items like wood carving and hand crafted stuffs. It lies at 4 kilometers along the road from Banaue town center going to Bontoc.

Tam-an Village

Tam-an Village is located behind the Banaue Hotel. It is a village of weavers producing traditional clothes. They are also selling different kinds of wood carving and weaved products you can have as a souvenir.

Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort

Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest is a private resort locally known as “Apar Nga-oh”. It is a good place for camping, picnics and group getaways. The pine trees are adding a cool ambience to the naturally cold climate in the wide area.

Bangaan Village and Rice Terraces

Bangaan Village and Rice Terraces is a 14 kilometer trek from the Banaue Town Proper. It can be viewed from the side of the road of which is a good alternative for those who can’t make the 2 hour trek to Batad.

Banaue Museum

Banaue Museum is a short walk or tricycle ride from Banaue Town proper. It is a private museum which displays a variety of collected photos, artifacts, books and sculptures that represent the Ifugao traditions and culture.

Museum of Cordillera Sculpture

It is a private museum which shows a fine collection of artifacts and antiques compiled from the different places of the North. Rarely displays a vast of important set of historical traces including sculptures, potteries and woodcrafts. There you can experience and explore the wealthy culture of the Ifugao tribes.

It is located in Spring Village Inn, a short walk or a tricycle ride from the town proper of Banaue.

Batad Village and Rice Terraces

Batad Village and Rice Terraces is approximately located at 16 kilometers from the town proper. You need to drive the 14 kilometer rough road and trek the remaining 2 kilometers before reaching it. Though going there is very difficult and tiring, it is still a worthy experience of viewing the stunning amphitheater shaped rice terraces of Batad.

Tappiyah Waterfalls

Tappiyah Waterfalls is a towering 70 meter waterfalls located for about 30 minute walk from the Batad Village. It has a wide swimming area of natural pool.

Matanglag Bronze Smith and Nuntamangan Village

This is where you can buy the native jewelries and good luck emblems produced only by means of basic tools and crude.

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