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Ultralight Flying Packages

Sports flying in the Philippines is a recreational activity that is all about the freedom of the skies, flying by the seat of your pants like a paraglider, but with an engine to take you to the skies. The Philippines is fairly new to this adventure sport, but it certainly is catching on. One can take lessons and involve themselves in this new fast-rising sport which also called ultralight or microlight flying.

In sports flying, you use what is called an Ultralight or Microlight to fly. Buying and flying using these modified gliders is much cheaper than conventional aircraft. It evolved from hang gliding in the 1970s, a time when people started putting small engines on foot-launched hang gliders. These vehicles developed, became faster, more maneuverable, and a landing gear was added to become the modern aircraft we have today.

What is an Ultralight?

Ultralights (or microlights) are small 2-seat aircrafts which come in two styles: flexwing, which is an open-air hang glider but with a trike, wheels, and engine; and fixed-wing, which is more like a conventional aircraft.

Aviation authorities have set up definitions of these lightweight aircraft as slow-flying airplanes that could be subject to minimum regulation. The resulting airplanes are commonly called “ultralight” or “microlight,” although the weight and speed limits are rarely the same between any two countries.

Why do people enjoy flying them?

Ultralights are lithe aircraft that provide hours of fun for the people that fly them. Among the reasons people cite are:

  • Lower costs
  • Minimal amount of training required (No need for an FAA license or medical)
  • The “wind in your face” experience
  • The desire to get back to simple stick-and-rudder flying
  • Pure and simple recreational flying. In other words, “just plain fun”

Best Times to Go

Tropical weather gives the Philippines terrific flying conditions for most of the year. October to May are the best months to go ultralight flying. Flights are available everyday except for Wednesday and Sunday.

The most enjoyable flight, morning is the best as it gets too windy at times in the afternoon.

Getting Started

Our Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) is designed for individuals to introduce sports flying in an ultralight with an instructor so the person can experience the thrill of sport flying. One doesn’t have to be a trained pilot to take part in this.

At the TIF, you are given the opportunity to decide to undergo a flight training curriculum in order to be a licensed ultralight pilot, or you can just opt to enjoy sports flying through our ultralight flying expedition where you ride with a licensed pilot and experience the thrill of sports flying for one whole hour.

Other Details

Your safety is our prime concern, so we thought you may want to know some details about our sport flying packages.

  • Minimum Passenger Age: 15 years old, though younger passengers can be flown as long as he/she can be securely strapped in the airplane and have parental consent.
  • Maximum Passenger Weight: The maximum passenger weight our small aircraft can safely fly is 240 lbs (109 kg).
  • Reservations: Reservations are required – 1 day for a party of up to 4 persons, and 3 days for a larger group. Please the packages that we offer below.
  • Food: A canteen is available in the premises that serves food from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. A pre-arranged buffet or barbecue package can be arranged for the desired occasion.

For more information on ultralights and sports flying, please visit the following website: http://www.usua.org/faq.htm

The Flight Training Curriculum

The curriculum uses the Ultralight Pilot’s Flight Training Manual, written by Curtis Hughes and published by the United States Ultralight Association, Inc. (USUA). The USUA is a highly respected association recognized by the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), one of the leaders in sport aviation training in the US. We have taken this manual and adapted it to our training environment and Philippine regulations.

Already a Pilot? We find that most current general avaition pilots usually need 1 to 3 hours of instruction before a check ride. Please bring your log book, pilot license, and medical certificate.

Basic Course Requirements

The full training course will include at least 30 flying hours. Of these, a minimum of 10 hours dual and 10 hours solo are required. There is no formal separate ground school; the ground school is conducted in conjunction with the actual flight instruction.

There will be a written test and also a physical required before solo. There is no maximum time to complete the course and we allow our members to set their own pace.

Schedule of required testing

Phase checks, Check Rides, and Annual Flight Checks are administered and performed by Angeles City Flying Club-designated Flight Evaluators. The manager gives the written tests.

Written testing: The written test is given before the first solo flight. The student must receive a satisfactory score (70%) before solo flight. There are currently two written tests.

Phase checks: Each student receives periodic Phase tests. During these tests, students have to demonstrate how they have progressed, but to a different instructor. This will uncover any weaknesses that the regular instructor may have overlooked. (It also serves as an informal instructor evaluation).

Check rides: When the student has flown a minimum of 30 total hours (minimum 10 hours dual and 10 hours solo) and the instructor feels that he/she is ready. An Examiner pilot will administer a final check ride to evaluate the skills and proficiency of the student pilot. If the student passes the check ride his/hers Sport Pilots Certificate is upgraded from Student to “Sport Pilot”.

Required Practical Maneuvers

These are the required maneuvers that a student must master:

  • Straight and level flight
  • Climbs/Descents
  • Stalls, power on/power off
  • Emergency procedures
  • S- turns/Figure eights
  • Slow flight
  • Normal and crosswind landings
  • Turns around a point

Watch our lead adventurer Russell Ri on his first ultralight flying adventure.

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