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Sorsogon is on the southern most tip of Luzon in the Province of Sorsogon, where you can view the magestic Whale Sharks and dive in the Manta Bowl off Ticao island to get a glimpse of huge Manta Rays.

The sheer size of the largest fish in the ocean will start your adrenalin pumping and drive you to such a high, that it will be days before you come back down.

Diving in Sorsogon is all about the Whale Shark Rhincodon Typus or Butanding as it is locally known. It can grow up to 18m length and feeds on the krill and plankton rich currents that flow through the San Bernardino Strait and into the Visayas. The whale shark is not the type of shark most people envisage, the movie Jaws has a lot of explaining to do. It is a placid gentle giant that feeds on the surface, which makes it perfect for viewing in snorkeling equipment.

When to dive.
The best time to view these giants is the beginning of March through to May which is during there peak, they do however start arriving in the months of October and November.

Thankfully rules and regulations have been put in place control tourists man-handling of the whale shark, prior to being given permission to dive with them you undertake a thorough briefing on the correct etiquette. A code of conduct has been produced and you must adhere to them at all times

Other dive sites.

Off the coast of Bulan in the Ticao Pass is a dive site called Manta Bowl. Here the Manta Rays gather to feed on the rich plankton waters, the same waters that attracted the Whale Sharks. Some of the Manta Rays have a wingspan in excess of 4 metres.

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