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Scuba Diving Packages

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Being home to countless world- class dive sites, Philippines is best explored by scuba divers through dive safaris where you cruise on an outrigger boat from island to island, diving new dive spots every day, spending the nights in beach resorts on different tropical islands. With our dive safaris, you have the chance to explore the dive sites such as: Camiguin, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu and Puerto Galera.

What is it?

For a dedicated diver, a dive safari is surely the most convenient way to cruise from island to island, diving the top dive spots of the region.

Our safari packages are a combination of island hopping and shore-based diving for small groups. It gives you ample opportunity for excellent diving with 3 to 4 dives a day.

The dive safaris are conducted with modernized outrigger boats, called “banca” (water spider), which allows the boat to come very close to shallow reefs and drop-offs.

On dive safaris we check-in in a beach resort every late afternoon, which is very convenient for everybody. This gives you the opportunity to retreat if you like some privacy, contrary to live-on-board dive trips where sometimes there is no escape from your dive “buddies”. So, in the evening, it’s up to you if you prefer to relax in a hammock under the stars or if you want to join the other divers at the “bush-bar”.

How many are needed for a safari?

Just have a group of at least 6 divers and we’re good to go.

How long is it?

This will all depend your preferences and schedule. We can easily customize a safari based on your needs and wants. Just inform us and we will do the rest.

NOTE: Personalized packages are made once requests and required information is given. Please email us for further inquiries regarding this.

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