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Camiguin, a fabulous island getaway in the Philippines, is best known for a sandbar called White Island. But unknown to many, Camiguin is also home to some spectacular scuba diving sites. It has seven volcanoes unmatched anywhere else in Southeast Asia. Volcanic eruptions and land movements have created this spectacular island full of natural wonders and historical riches. As an island of varied ecosystem, Camiguin’s uniqueness lies in its varied terrain, pristine natural environment and rustic setting. In fact, Camiguin is considered as one of the top diving sites in the Philippines.

When to dive.

Best diving seasons are during the non- typhoon months from September to June.

Where to dive.

White Island: Reef slope (6 – 20 m). “Forest” of black corals on white sand, Sting rays, Moray Eel, Lion Fish, Frog Fish, Ribbon Eels and Sea Snakes. Boat ride: 10 min.

Again Reef, Mantangale: (25 – 32m) Asia Diver magazines best house reef in Asia is just a 55 min. speedboat ride away. Guaranteed to see the hard to find Pigmy Seahorse.

Paradise – Duka Bay, Medina: (5 – 35m) Magnificent panorama of soft corals and wide variety of fish. The fresh water spring at 25m will blow you away! Speedboat 80 min.

House Reef: Reef slope (16 – 20m) Our own reef is an up-and-coming player with its own sunken sailboat (2002), Mandarin Fish and Giant Clams.

Tangub Hot Springs: Dark sand terraces (6 – 30 m). Beautiful soft corals, Giant Sea Fan, Turtles. Boat ride: 10 min.

Old Volcano: (3 – 40 m). Imagine diving INSIDE a volcano! Lava streets, huge rocks, beautiful soft corals, Tuna, Jacks, Turtles, unexpected Manta & Eagle Rays. Boat ride: 15 min.

Sunken Cemetery: Reef slope. (3 – 26 m). Turtles, Eagle Ray, Ribbon Eel, Barracuda, Surgeon & Trigger Fish. Boat ride: 20 min.

Canyons: Reef slope (3 – 26 m). Small Cave, Turtles, Sand Eel, Ribbon Eel, White Snapper.
Boat ride: 30 min.

Alga: Reef slope (10 – 28 m). Reef Fish, hard and soft corals, Moray Eel. Boat ride: 90 min.

Kabila: Reef slope (3 – 35m) Many hard corals, Grouper, Cuttle Fish, and Rabbit Fish. Boat ride: 120 min.

Cabuan Point: Reef slope (6 -25m) Groupers, Fusiliers, Long-Nosed Emperors, Hard and Soft Corals 110 min.

Mantigue Island – Sanctuary: Wall Dive (3 – 40m) Wide variety of reef dwellers. Further down are Frog Fish, Jacks, Rabbit Fish and Black Snapper. Boat ride 90 min.

Burial Shoal: Open Water Slope (6 – 35m) Seasonal Manta Rays, schools of Jacks and Barracuda. Crinoids, soft corals and always a surprise.

Tupsan: Reef slope (6 – 25m) Hard corals, Cuttle Fish. Boat ride 40min.

Jigdup Reef: Open-water reef slope (6 – 30 m). Black corals, Bat Fish, Trigger Fish, Lion Fish, Seasonal Mantas and other Rays. Boat ride 60 min.

Coral Garden: Reef slope (3 – 25m) Variety of hard and soft corals, Rays, Snakes and Eels.
Boat ride 15 min.

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