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Sagada, Mountain Province Travel Blog

Posted by ephil on December 29, 2010 in Blog

One Friday night… with packed snacks and a book in hand for the long road trip ahead, our group of adventure travellers left Makati at 9:00pm. On the way to our destination, sleep constantly came and went. After endless roads, getting lost in Baguio city, multiple stops in gas stations/convenience stores, four slices of wheat bread with cheese, rough roads, a sunrise and great view…after 12 hours on the road, we finally reached Sagada.

Sagada, Mountain Province

Sagada is a municipality in the Mountain Province, Philippines. It is situated between the Cordillera range and the Ilocos range. The main sources of livelihood are tourism and agriculture. Crops consist mainly of fruits and vegetables growing in cool or fair weather such as cabbage, potato, carrot, tomato, pepper, lemon, lime, orange, coffee, mountain tea, etc.

Although a small town, Sagada undoubtedly has a very deep and rich tribal culture which is evident in their pottery, woven cloths, traditional burial sites and the people’s beliefs. Most of the residents are Igorots and their local dialect is Kankana-ey. Since the arrival of American missionaries during their era, people have become predominantly Protestant.

Day 1 : Exploring the town of Sagada and trekking to Bomod-ok Falls

Day 2 : The Cave Connection Expedition (Sumaguing and Lumiang Cave)

Day 3 : Quick stopover at Yogurt House and Strawberry Farm


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